Tuesday, October 18, 2011

True Love Story. Should be listened to!!!

I took it from somewhere. it's so something. hope you enjoy it. #Hiks.

Five-year marriage to Ellen’s age was a difficult time. Increasingly there is no compatibility between us. We fight over little things. Because Ellen slowly opened the fence when I got home from work, because the corner table in the family room that she buy without discussion with me, for me it was just a waste of money.
Today, August 27 is the anniversary of Ellen. We fight in the morning. This is because Ellen woke up late. I was upset and did not say happy birthday to her, and even kiss on the forehead I used to do on his birthday, I did not want to do. Night Around 7 o’clock, Ellen has contacted me to ask me three times to go home and have dinner with her, of course I ignored her request.
Clock struck 10 at night, I clean up my desk and headed home. It had rained very hard, but it was late at night street in downtown Jakarta was still stuck, I actually made annoyed by the circumstances. Imagining home and met with Ellen made me even more annoyed!
I finally arrived home at 12 tonight, two hours drive time which I usually only takes an hour to get at home. I saw Ellen fell asleep in the family room couch. I had stopped at before her and looked at her face. “She was truly beautiful” I said in heart, “Women who make relationship with me during the seven years since sitting in high school who have been married now for five years, still beautiful.” I sighed and left to go, I remember that I’m pissed off with her.
I immediately went into the room. I saw my wife’s dressing table book, thick brown books owned by my wife. Ellen years write her life story in that brown book. Since before marriage, she never let me open it. This is the time! I do not regard Ellen anymore, I grabbed it and opened the brown book page by pages at random.
February 14, 1996. Thank God for the means you gave to me, Vincent, my first boyfriend who will be my last boyfriend. Hmm … I smiled, Ellen pretty sure if I would become her husband. 6 September 2001, I was accidentally seen Vincent having dinner with another woman, laughing affectionately. Lord, I ask that Vincent is not moved to another heart. My heart would stop …
October 23, 2001, I found a letter of thanks to Vincent, on a candle light dinner in a woman’s birthday assign with name Melly on it. Who is she God? Open my eyes to what that You want me to know … My heart really want to quit. Melly, women who had near with me when my relationship with Ellen’s age has reached five years. Melly, by which I almost just want to cut off my relationship with Ellen because my overfullness. I’ve decided not to meet with Melly again after close to her for four months, and decided to remain loyal to Ellen. I really did not expect Ellen know my relationship with Melly.
January 4, 2002, I was approached by a woman named Melly, she insulted me and said Vincent has an affair with him. Lord, give me strength coming from you. How could Ellen’s strong, she never said anything or cry in front of me after knowing I have affair with another woman. I know Melly, she would have made Ellen’s heart deeply hurt by the sharp words that came out of her mouth. Shortness of breath, unable to imagine what Ellen felt.
February 14, 2002, Vincent proposed to me on our anniversary to-6. God what should I do? Give me a sign for the decisions that I have to take.
February 14, 2003, remarkable sunday, I’ve become Mrs Alexander Vincent Winoto. Thank God!
July 18, 2005, our first fight as a family. I hope I never made tea for him to sweet again. Lord, help me to more carefully made tea for my husband.
7 April 2006, Vincent was mad at me, I was fast asleep when he came home from his office, so he waited in front of the house is rather long. I spent a day in malls looking at Vincent’s dream, I want to buy wrist watch on his birthday the next 2 days. Lord, give peace in the Vincent’s heart so that he will not be angry with me again, I will not sleep in afternoon again if Vincent had not come home even though I’m tired.
I started crying, Ellen tried to make me happy but instead I scold without even listening to her explanation. Hours are hours, I wore my favorite watch even till this day, I did not realize she bought with great difficulty.
15 November 2007, Vincent took the table to put the coffee in the room family, he was very fond of reading in a corner of the room. Lord, help me saving money so I can buy a table, a Christmas gift for Vincent. I could no longer hold back tears, Ellen never said the table was a Christmas gift for me. Yes, she had bought in Christmas Eve that same day and put it in the family room.
I was no longer able to open the next page. Ellen really had given the power of God to love me unconditionally. I ran out of the room, kissed his forehead and she woke up … “I’m sorry Ellen, I love you, Happy birthday … “

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