Friday, March 16, 2012

Such a Drama

Silently sneaking him out
Everyone must have fallen in love in the young age, everyone
It doesn't even matter to me if he ever did too
question, " does he keep the feeling?
Is he waiting for someone?"
such a drama
I'm waiting for him, but He's waiting for someone else
He doesn't send any signals if I exist either
It's always be me who's asking if he's for real
It's always be me who's this awkward, annoying and unwanted girl
craving and painting my life with my own imagination
for he would throw his first conversation to me, throw the simplest out-of-date question is okay
but, no
He won't
a simple thing I want from him is what I can't get
It's like I'm chasing all those stars in the early morning
Mission failed, feeling not matched
All these signs give me a thought
that "you-let-me-in"
but "you-don't-welcome-me"
such a drama huh.

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