Wednesday, March 21, 2012

101 Things Your Man Would Do If He Loves You

We all know that men and women are different! One of major differences is that most men show their affection through their actions not their words. Quite the opposite, most women show their affection through their words. This major difference creates many issues for women who fail to understand men’s nature and mentality when it comes to showing their affection. Below is a list of examples how men show their love and affection.

  1. He includes in his future plans.
  2. He doesn’t spend money on luxury items, because he thinks they are too expensive. But he would buy a luxury item for you on very special occasion.
  3. He won’t just go watch TV after dinner, he will take out the trash and wash dishes for you.
  4. He won’t force you to have sex when you told him you are exhausted from a hard day’s work.
  5. He doesn’t mind you using and browsing his computer because he has nothing to hide.
  6. He encourages you to do anything that pleases you.
  7. When you are having a mood swing, he will try to comfort and pamper you.
  8. He is willing to go to a market and buy tampons for you when it is necessary.
  9. He thinks you are cute when you are acting and being hysterical.
  10. He is willing to watch a chick flick with you even he hates it with passion.
  11. When you told him you are feeling insecure, he will take it very seriously and take actions.
  12. He hugs you all the time.
  13. He kisses you all the time.
  14. When he is having sex with you, it feels like making love.
  15. He feels sorry when he works overtime because he cannot be with you.
  16. He tells you “I love you” every single day.
  17. Everything he does, he does it for you.
  18. When you are alone you don’t feel lonely, because you know his heart is always with you.
  19. When you are upset, he truly cares about why.
  20. If he missed you call, he will call you back as soon as he can.
  21. He doesn’t bother you about your past, he lets the past be in the past.
  22. When he has a business trip, he wants to take you with him.
  23. He remembers everything you said.
  24. You look taller than him when you wear high heels, but he doesn’t mind.
  25. He doesn’t let you do all the house cleaning, he is more than willing to help.
  26. When you are sick, he will stay by your side.
  27. When there is an earthquake he will hold you tight in his arms.
  28. He thinks you look pretty without makeup.
  29. When you and him are talking heart to heart, he cries happy tears.
  30. He gets jealous whenever you are talking to other men.
  31. When you and him are fighting, he always apologize first.
  32. He doesn’t mind when you try to give him a hickie on his chest.
  33. He gives you compliments all the time.
  34. He is willing to spend his leisure time to fix your computer for you.
  35. When you did something wrong, he tries his best to let it go.
  36. When there is a long vacation, he will include you in his vacation plan.
  37. He brings you favorite flowers.
  38. He shows you his vulnerable side that his friends never knew about.
  39. He has your pictures in his cell phone
  40. When he is sick, he won’t let you drink from his glass.
  41. He remembers your favorite song and movie.
  42. He calls you by that cute nickname that he gave you.
  43. No matter what happens, he is always on your side.
  44. When someone is rude to you, he will stand up and defend you.
  45. He is willing to go grocery shopping with you, even you would take more than 40 minutes browsing.
  46. He is willing to go the mall with you, even you would take hours to find a dress.
  47. He surprises you with a pair of Celine Dion concert tickets, even he hates her music with passion.
  48. He surprises you with a necklace that you always wanted.
  49. Whenever he is having his favorite dessert, he shares it with you.
  50. He gets upset when you sleep late, because he worries about your heath more than anything.
  51. He always holds your hand in public.
  52. He is willing to carry your purse when your arms are sore, even he thinks it is embarrassing.
  53. He doesn’t complain when you gained weight.
  54. When you arrive late on your date, he still smiles.
  55. He will doesn’t yell at you.
  56. He never lays his hands on you during arguments.
  57. He compliments you in front of his friends.
  58. When he is going to hang out with his friends, he invites you to come along.
  59. When you ask him over and over about his feelings, he doesn’t get impatient.
  60. When you are being paranoid towards his friendship with his female friends, he is willing to explain.
  61. When you play chess, he always let you win on purpose.
  62. He always tries his best to keep his promises.
  63. When he went out with his friends, he will always pack some snacks for you.
  64. He doesn’t turn his cell phone on silent when he is with you.
  65. When you cook for him, he will finish everything.
  66. He is willing to watch Sex and City with you, even he hates with passion.
  67. He wears the ring you bought for him everyday.
  68. He spoils you because he loves you.
  69. When he doesn’t like the way you dress, he will remind you but he never criticizes you.
  70. He never forgets your birthday.
  71. He never forgets your anniversary.
  72. He will always give you something on Christmas and Valentine.
  73. When you are jealous, he is willing to take time to explain.
  74. When you and him have an argument, he is willing to back down even if he was right.
  75. He tells that you are irreplaceable.
  76. When you are promoted at work, he is happier than you are.
  77. He never pressurize you to do anything you don’t want to do.
  78. He puts your feelings before his own.
  79. When he is exhausted, he is still willing to listen to your feelings.
  80. When there is an issue, he is willing to communicate.
  81. If something comes up and he has to cancel the date, he will make it up to you.
  82. He doesn’t get angry when you missed his call.
  83. When his mother doesn’t like you, he defends you.
  84. When his mother is being rude to you, he will try to defend you.
  85. He downloads your favorite music for you.
  86. When you cancel your date to go out with your girlfriends, he will understand.
  87. He cuddles you to sleep.
  88. He kisses you good morning and good night.
  89. He let you know that your happiness is his happiness.
  90. When you did something wrong, if he forgives you, he will never mention it again.
  91. He is willing to show he is in a relationship on his Facebook.
  92. He doesn’t mind to let know his Facebook account password.
  93. He won’t let you carry any heavy object, he will carry it for you.
  94. When he goes clubbing, he will not go without you.
  95. When he goes out drinking, he wants you to come along.
  96. He will always treat you with respect. Even during arguments.
  97. He will call you on his trip to check if you are doing fine, and to let you know he is ok.
  98. He doesn’t mind when you ask about his work schedule.
  99. When something wonderful happens, you are the first person he wants to share the good news.
  100. He showers you with love, tenderness, and patience.
  101. He is willing to go out his way to please you.

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