Monday, October 17, 2011

My problem.

People say i'm beautiful (enough). yeahh, I am *sok kalee. looking at mirror trying to find out what they call beautiful is. i'm 170cm, 64kg. well, i'm not sure i can say to myself, "hey, beautiful ! " *yuck. feel like i'm TOO fat, not really fat, But just TOO fat. yesterday i went to mall, saw beautiful girls around. no wonder they get compliments. from now on, i just can't manage my exercising program. i even had written down MY DAILY ACTIVITY. guess what!? it's gone the next 3 days !! i'm wondering to get an ideal body in this year, and the next year i can be more confident to join any activities so that i can improve my sociality and knowledge. argghhh. note to self : BE CONSISTENT 0_0

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