Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Give Me a Grip

These days have been amazingly beautiful days in my life. though I'm having my test but there's always someone who shows very supportive wish to me. thanks :)
I can do this. Ever since he asks if I have my dream place, clearly I ever dreamt Singapore. celarly, just wonder. and the more I notice that thing, the more I'm making my next plan come true. I'm planning to study and work abroad in Australia exactly in Melbourne after my four-year-college. I love english so much and I have this nerve to be more active in speaking writing and stuff so yahh, I'm doing it. tee hee....
BUT, the big rock is in front of me, the big rock is "empty pocket" -___________________-
this July I'll have my teaching schedule and I'm not gonna waste my time to only focus on getting money, but on experience and learning english as well. I definitely sure I'm not gonna spend my cash on useless stuff(except Ipod Touch) LOL. XDXDXD
I hope I can make it ! I'm gonna save my money for my next four years and, meeting people, be an active english speaker. guess 21 is not an old age to get late in reaching goals. that will be the time, the perfect time. :)
Ever since this plan is still on the air, I'm afraid to tell him. I don't want him to think I'm boasting or whatever. Wish me good luck and happiness ! :B :D :]

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