Saturday, April 28, 2012

what should I do ?

finally, a couple days ago right I was having my mid test and I'm sorry blog, I didn't write to you at that time. quite busy on studying for test, I said I love him and he said he felt the same way, It made me super crazily happy !D:


today is Saturday so, yeah, I felt unnice maybe I'm so much in love with him. instead I'm not sure how he feels exactly I only can hope for the best and the best for both of us. he said he wanted to meet me a while on this Monday and My mind just asked "why?". blog, to tell you the very truth that, I'm not as confident as you'd think. if only I was this elegant slim beautiful confident girl, yes I would say yes to him. reality can't deal with what I hope. lol. maybe the other reason is, I still compare others with me. knowing a girl sitting on the spotlight is this kinda girl whom every guy wants to be with and surely she can carry herself and man can bring her in every place proudly. I want to make everyone proud of me. I'm on progress, so please give me more time to finish it up. what should I do? of course I can't simply tell him this thing. harrrr, I shouldn't say it. Idk his way of thinking. I'm afraid he might not get what I REALLY mean, CRACK ! :/ :# :F

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