Saturday, April 14, 2012

It hurts badly

It's just been a couple of months since we began chatting and got to know each other well. Now I have to stop thinking of him, I don't want to make him feel bad cause of me. I have to stop this before I have this feeling get deeper and deeper. It'll hurt I know, CLEARLY he's gonna leave, and I have to prepare, I have to start to let go now. I wanna know what he feels, hope he feels alright,hope he doesn't care of me. he'll always be there and I'll always be here. see, blog?

I deactivated our communication tool. I target myself it should work ! through this way, we'll have our own clear way. if now, we don't. i feel so blur. sometimes I think whether I did is right or wrong, I keep going on it hoping everything's gonna be alright. I am a mess. nobody likes me, I hope. better like this, always think myself unwanted and work hard. thanks my friend. thank you. I can guarantee your feeling will change once you see me, cause you're not this type of man who likes this type of girl, just know it. you will love this someone who is beautiful, perfect feminine elegant woman that you can bring in every place with pride. which is not me, or yet. so, I know I'm pessimistic girl, I'm just not with you, won't be.

see me clearly here, honestly tell me what you see from your deepest heart. i wanna know what you feel. i'm this sad when I keep thinking that I'm nothing to you.

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