Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm so amazed

Call me crazy now, I must be feeling fly high away from earth for my heart takes me up there. It feels soo ahhh maa zingg I can tell you that.

this friend..... aaaaa.. from his heart I know. he successfully made me speak less and feel more. he makes my day. I want to hug him. *hug tightly :X :B :] :*

I told u right.. I like u.. Dont feel (⌣̩_⌣ )..okay?

i'll try.. To text u.. But thres no answ.. N i think i do some mistke to u.. N keep thinking my self.. Wat hve i done.. I cant get it out of my mind.. Thking of u texting me.. Cheering n hving fun then.. Haha :) n truely i cant concentrate.. Doing all things.. Keep thinking bout u.. haha :) .. N i m afraid.. We wont text each othr again.. Coz.. "Facebook " the only way we getting out our cheer n fun .. N .... Lots .. Haha.. N im so glad.. Im just arrived home.. Checking facebook.. Try to text u again.. But u already.. Say " you can do it ! You can do it ! Like kiddo cheering his daddy.. :)

Ure not really kiddo.. In my eyes.. Just sth precious 4 me..dat i dont want 2 lose.. Hahahaha :) 

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