Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Nothing D:

I was planning to write something on my blog. something REALLY hurt me. *overreact*
 and now I'm doing it, right? :)
so, here's the case, I really have the obsession and, this motivation to study at college. but, for how long I've been listening to the lecturers and stuff, the more I try to sit a "little" bit longer and focus on study, the more I can't. my lowest backbone seems to get numb, hurt, really unavoidable. when I come home, I never want to sit anymore.
it happens all.the.time.the chairs are made of these global-warming-inducement woods. some say "that's good ! don't you know woods can avoid you from ambient rather than something made of cotton and beyond?" some say "omooo, that makes my butt hurt too ! feel like having this equal to that couple of copper plates !".

No matter what I hear, I should end this suffer ! *coughs**sneeze**deep breathe**sigh**feel relieved*. I need more objections, some research and solutions to it. as far as I'm concerned, the best solution for me right now is I'd be better if_______

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