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8 Cool Tattoos and Their Meanings …

8 Cool Tattoos and Their Meanings …
cool tattoos are something we all notice on people, often wondering what is the story behind that image, design or a symbol. Many folks around the world have at least one tattoo and some have even more and could probably spend two days discussing how thrilled they are with every new tattoo and how interesting and challenging the whole process really is. Even celebrities have some pretty cool tattoos and, although you might feel that replicating those famous tattoos might be a good idea, I’d advise you to think twice and try to find something similar but more “yours” and more “personal”. That’s why I’ve decided to list and explain 8 of the most popular symbols hoping that could help you understand celebrity tattoos better or find new ideas for all those cool tattoos you’re thinking about doing soon!

1. Chinese Characters

In case you have a blank spot you’d like to see covered in ink or simply looking for a tattoo that is small but still meaningful, Chinese symbols are definitely something you should focus your research on. These complex, so called “logograms” are not letters or just cool-looking drawings but symbols that represent a certain word or an object and can be used individually(like “Strength”, “Courage”, “Faith”) or combined to form a saying or even a story.

2. Butterfly

Many people would advise you not to get a butterfly tattoo and, in case you ever wanted one, I’m sure you’re familiar with all the bad meanings of these, in my opinion, very cool tattoos. Short-term physical beauty, unstable personality and vanity are just some of them so if you’re afraid what people may think of you, I’d advise you to look for something different. The ones who don’t really care what others may think of their tattoos might be interested to know that Butterfly tattoos have many positive, even deeply spiritual meanings! Ancient cultures believed these fragile creatures are vessels that transport souls from Earth to Heaven and back, their amazing transformation and short lifespan being, of course, a metaphor for human life. A butterfly tattoo can be a deeply emotional one as well as you can choose it to honor a very special woman who died well ahead of her time.

3. Eye of Horus

This Egyptian symbol, also known as the “Eye of Ra” or “The All seeing Eye”, should bring its wearer good luck and prosperity, bless him with wisdom and keep him safe, protected from ills and people who wish him bad. It’s actually a very popular tattoo nowadays and although that has a lot to do with its cool looks and the fact that it’s basically a good luck charm, the visual and spiritual component can’t be denied either. The Eye of Ra could symbolize a person that’s dear to you, a person that was always there to guide and protect you (a mother, for example), your internal strength and ability to see through fake smiles and fancy clothes or a spiritual guidance of some kind.

4. Celtic Symbols

Ornate and kind of mystical – various forms of Celtic crosses certainly fall under the category of cool tattoos many people opt for. You see, ladies and gents, although Celtic crosses are basically religious symbols used to honor one’s heritage, the circle that connects four axes as well as the unbreakable curvy line that decorates the cross can also mean “eternity”. The cross itself has generated from the pagan tradition of sun and moon worship and could also symbolize the joining of all four basic elements (air, water, fire and earth) which could ultimately mean “power” or even “balance”.

5. Maori Tattoos

These Polynesian tribal tattoos or at least their modern versions are even popular amongst celebrities and, if you love the design on Mike Tyson face, you’d be interested to know that this pigeon-loving champ opted for a Maori-inspired design as well. Although each tattoo is different and kind of personalized to trace natural lines of the face, there is a set of rules an artist must have in mind when drawing these precise lines and curves which means you can choose this cool art to show that your professional decision to do things by the book doesn’t affect your creativity, uniqueness or, perhaps, a quirky personality.

6. Koi Fish

This bright-colored carp is a valuable collector’s item and a central figure of many Chinese and Japanese myths about courage as well as many other positive qualities such as the ability to set high goals and achieve them, and the emotional and spiritual strength needed to overcome hardships. This fish is believed to act like a samurai, bravely awaiting its death after being caught and its ability to swim upstream for miles in order to find food has become a symbol of perseverance.

7. Flowers

Flower tattoos are very popular amongst women all around the world and that’s not just because they look nice and can be painted to look even nicer! You see, ladies and gents, apart from being beautiful and delicate, various flowers can stand for different personal qualities! Orchid can mean beauty, love and even luxury, lotus is a symbol of purity, intelligence, love and wisdom, plumeria symbolizes friendship and warmth and so on and on and on. Every flower you can think of can stand for something beautiful and special to you and since flower tats can be made to look as beautiful as the real deal, having them on your skin won’t ruin your fragile, feminine and delicate style.

8. Music Sheets and/or Notes

Seen on many world-known musicians as well as other, maybe not so popular but definitely talented people- notes, clefs and music sheets certainly are interesting elements you could choose to have inked on your skin. People choose these cool tattoos because they can symbolize talent, love, devotion, art or even pain and different spiritual things.
Do you have any of these elements integrated in your super special, totally cool tattoos and, if yes, could you tell me what do they stand for? Watching LA and Miami Ink and admiring all those cool tattoos and ideas people come up with made me realize even the most popular and, as some would think, worn out symbols can be made to look totally perfect and unique which, I believe, means we should definitely keep our options opened!

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