Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Since my holiday, I've been doing nothing lately. and at the exact time, the house maid doesn't come today. she usually comes around 7.30AM or the latest is around 8.30. Just at 8 o'clock, I decided to do it my own. so I started from the rooms to kitchen. i don't what happened to me today ever since just last night I was fooled by my eyes seeing that there would be Taylor Swift show on TV, I waited till midnight. *I love her songs so much. :DD* . I cleaned up. yapp, the WHOLE house, even to the unseen spot right at the edge of the tables, cupboards, the doors, the rooms. Of course I did tried to clean it using mopper, but it didn't work. I see things more refreshing in my house if I clean it myself, cause, once again, I clean the WHOLE house. D: *dramatic*
Well, sometimes the maid doesn't come is something good in spite of I can do some more exercises during my holiday. can't wait to fly this next couple weeks ! XPPP

still about unseen is my diet schedule ! it's lost just yesterday. LOL . but still, I really want to have an ideal body. at least I can wear clothes I wanna buy and they fit me. a quote below might describe my advice, for myself :D

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